Plexxi & Nutanix Webinar

Invisibility: The Data Center Super Power

Invisibility: The Data Center Super Power
Do you have the super power to control the elements of your data center?

Imagine you could break free from the shackles of your outdated (and villainous) infrastructure and achieve unprecedented agility and scale.

With a single pane of glass to manage compute, storage, virtualization AND networking, Nutanix and Plexxi make your infrastructure invisible. Your data center is instantly transformed to deliver unprecedented performance and significantly reduce CapEx/OpEx to your customer – the business.

Hear from Brian Martin, Sr. Director of Partner Engineering at Plexxi and Yuan Wang, Nutanix Solutions Architect to learn about:
  •  Simplifying infrastructure to improve data access and delivery
  •  Leveraging networking to ensure your HCI can support demanding workloads
    •  Reducing both CapEx and OpEx
      •  Plus present day use cases!

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